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Final Program


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Monday, 23rd March

8:50     Introductions

Session A  Plenary; Chair: Kevin Fournier (LLNL)

9:00     Larry Suter (LLNL) Effect Of NLTE Emissivity Models On NIF Ignition Hohlraum Power Requirements

Session B   HighEnergy Density Plasmas I;  Chair: Chris Keane (LLNL)

9:30     Manolo Sherrill (LANL) NLTE Opacities of Mid- and High-Z Cocktails

10:00   Break

10:30   Phillip Nilson (LLE) Bulk Heating Of Solid-Density Matter Using Kilojoule Pulses on OMEGA EP
11:00   Pravesh Patel (LLNL) Progress in Fast Ignition Studies with Electrons and Protons
11:30   Jeff Koch (LLNL) Non-Equilibrium Electron And Ion Temperature Measurements In Omega Direct-Drive Implosions

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

Session C   High Energy Density Plasmas II;  Chair: John Seely (NRL)

13:30   Jon Eggert (LLNL) Shock Experiments on Pre-Compressed Fluid Helium
14:00   Michael Desjarlais (SNL) Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulations forGenerating Equation of State Data
14:30   Greg Rochau (SNL) Radiating Shock Properties in theZ-pinch Dynamic Hohlraum
15:00   Jim Bailey (SNL) Experimental Investigation of Iron Plasma Opacity Models

15:30 – 17:30  Poster Session

17:30   Close


Tuesday, 24th March

8:50     Announcements

Session D   Magnetic Fusion Energy Plasmas I;  Chair: Michael Crisp (DOE)

9:00     Martin O'Mullane (QUB) Atomic Data For Core And Edge Modeling
9:30     Matt Reinke (MIT) Verification of the Radiating Properties of High-Z Impurities in High Temperature Plasmas

10:00   Break

Session E    EBIT Plasmas;  Chair: Elmar Träbert (LLNL)

10:30   Fred Currell (QUB) Programming the EBIT Plasma to Highlight Specific Processes
11:00   Christoph Biedermann (MPI) X-ray And EUV Spectroscopy Of Highly Charged Tungsten Ions
11:30   Nobuyuki Nakamura (Inst. For LaserScience Tokyo) Collision Processes of Highly Charged Ions with Electrons Studied with an Electron Beam Ion Trap 

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch 

 Session F     NextGeneration Light Sources;  Chair: Victor Kantsyrev (UNR)

13:30   Roger Falcone (UCB) Future Opportunities in Plasma Physics with FELs
14:00   Stefan Hau-Riege (LLNL) Modeling XFEL Interaction with Solids, Clusters, and Biomolecules
14:30   Beata Ziaja (DESY) Ionization and expansion dynamics of atomic clustersirradiated with short intense VUV pulses

15:00   Break

15:30   Claudio Pellegrini (UCLA) X-ray Free-electron Lasers
16:00   Lou DiMauro (OSU) Intense Laser-Atom Physics in the Classical Limit

16:30   Close


Wednesday, 25th March

8:50     Announcements

Session G   Astrophysical Plasmas;  Chair: Chris Fontes (LANL)

9:00     Kate Kirby (CFA) Accurate Calculations and Laboratory Measurements for Astrophysical Plasmas
9:30     David Cohen (Swarthmore) X-ray Spectroscopy of the Radiation-Driven Winds of Massive Stars: Line Ratio and Line Profile Diagnostics

10:00   Break

10:30   Enrico Landi (NRL) The Thermal Structure Of The Solar Upper Atmosphere
11:00   Peter Hakel (UNR) Polarization Spectroscopy Modeling With The Inclusion of Opacity Effects
11:30   Stuart Loch (Auburn) Ionization Balance and Data Surveys

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

Session H   MFEPlasmas II;  Chair: John Rice (MIT)

13:30   Robin Barnsley (ITER) A Generalist'sand Specialist's Talk on ITER Spectroscopy
14:00   Eric Hollmann (UCSD) Low-Z Shell Pellet Experiments on DIII-D
14:30   Predrag Krstic (ORNL) Burning Plasma Wall Interactions

15:00 Break

Session I    Modeling and Plasma Diagnostics I; Chair: Dave Schultz (ORNL)

15:30   John Ludlow (Auburn) Advances in Supercomputing for the Modelling of Atomic Processes in Plasmas
16:00   Yitzhak Maron (Weizmann) Magnetic-Field Measurements in Plasmas: Beyond the Traditional Zeeman Spectroscopy

16:00   Close

Jelly fish

19:00   Evening Banquet & Social, Monterey Bay Aquarium


Thursday, 26th March

8:50     Announcements

Session J    Fundamental Data;  Chair: John Curry (NIST)

9:00     Michael Witthoeft (NNSA/GSFC) R-matrix calculations along sequences: photoionizationand electron-impact excitation
9:30     Yuri Raichenko (NIST)  Initio Multi-Code Calculation of Ionization Balance and Radiative Losses for Tungsten underMCF Conditions

10:00   Break

Session K   Modeling and Plasma Diagnostics II; Chair: Stephanie Hansen (SNL)

10:30   Arati Dasgupta (NRL) X-ray Spectroscopy of K- and L-shell Z-pinch and Astrophysical Plasmas
11:00   Olivier Peyrusse (CELIA) K-edge Absorption Spectra in Warm Dense Matter 
11:30   Alla Safronova (UNR) Studying radiation from Z-pinch wire array plasmas: from K-shell Mg to M-shell Mo 

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

Session L   Small Laser Plasmas;  Chair: Jorge Filevich (Colo. St.)

13:30   Justin Wark (Oxford)  X-ray Diffraction: Applications for Laser-Irradiated Materials
14:00   Toru Kawamura (Tokyo Inst. Tech) Polarization of He-alpha radiation by anisotropic fast electron transport in ultra-intenselaser produced plasmas
14:30   Gianluca Gregori (Oxford, RAL) Dense plasma correlations and experimental tests of structure factors

15:00   Break

15:30   Todd Ditmire (UT) High Intensity Femtosecond XUV Pulse Interactions with Atomic Clusters
16:00   Andrea Kritcher (LLNL) X-ray Thomson Scattering Measurements in Dense Plasmas - towards accurate measurements of the optical properties of warm dense matter

16:30   Close



Poster List

P01. J. Colgan (LANL) Radiative Losses of Solar Coronal Plasmas
P02. P. Cossé (CEA) Solar Spectral Opacities With The OPAS Code
P03. J. Oelgoetz (Austin Peay State Univ) A comparison of Fe X-ray emission calculated from Fine Structure, Configuration Average, and Reduced Configuration Average Models
P04. E. Martell (Swarthmore) Photoelectric Absorption As An X-ray Spectral Diagnostic Of Massive Star Winds
P05. P. Loboda (RFNC VNIITF) Atomic Database Spectr-W3 for Plasma Spectroscopy and Other Applications. Current Status and Perspectives
P06. J. Gillaspy (NIST) Soft X-ray and EUV Spectra of Highly Charged Hafnium,Tantalum, Tungsten, and Gold
P07. M. May (LLNL) Gold Spectra Measurementsfrom the LLNL EBIT
P08. Y. Podpaly (MIT) High-Resolution Spectroscopy Of 2s1/2 - 2p3/2 TransitionsIn W71+ Through W65+
P09. E. Träbert (LLNL) Metastable Levels Acting As Stepping Stones In Ionization
P10. C.Chen (MIT) Measurements of Laser Conversion Efficiency into Fast Ignition Relevant Hot Electrons Using Bremsstrahlungand K-shell Emission from Planar Non-refluxing Targets
P11. T. Ma (UCSD) Effects of Laser Prepulse on Hot Electron Production and Transport in Hollow Cone Targets
P12. J. Seely (NRL) MeV Electron Propagation from Femtosecond Laser Focal Spots and through Highly Conducting and Insulating Materials
P13. K. Aggarwal (Queenís Univ) Atomic Data For Transitions In N VI
P14. J. Curry (NIST) Radiative Transition Probabilities for Neutral Cerium
P15. S. Manson (Georgia State Univ) Photoionization of the Be Isoelectronic Sequence: LS and Relativistic Total Cross Section Calculations
P16. B.McLaughlin (Queenís Univ) M-shell photoionization of Ar+: Theory and Experiment
P17. J. Reader (NIST) Spectrum and Energy Levels of Triply-Ionized Cerium (Ce 3+)
P18. U. Safronova (UNR) Atomicdata for dielectronic satellite lines and dielectronic recombination into Na-like tungsten, W63+
P19. W.-Ü L. Tchang-Brillet (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon) Recent Advances in the Interpretation of Weakly Charged Lanthanide Ion Spectra : Eu, Er, Tm
P20. C. Ballance (Auburn Univ) Electron-impact ionization of near neutralatomic systems using non-perturbative methods
P21. D. Benredjema (Laboratoire Aimé Cotton) Opacity And Radiative Power Losses
P22. C. Dong (Northwest Normal Univ) Influence of Plasma Effects on Atomic Structuresand Dynamic Processes
P23. C. Fontes (LANL) Relativistic Top-Ups of Cross Sections for Excitation to Magnetic Sublevels by a Longitudinally Polarized Electron Beam
P24. T. Gorczyca (Western Michigan Univ) Dielectronic Recombination of Argon-Like Ions: Iron PeakElements and Beyond
P25. S. Hansen (SNL) Continuum Lowering in Mixtures
P26. V. Novikov (KeldyshInstitute of Applied Mathematics RAS) Radiative unresolved spectra atomic model
P27. Sh. Abdel-Naby (Western Michigan Univ) Theoretical Studies of Dielectronic Recombination for Al-Like Ions
P28. A. Shadrin (RFNC VNIITF) On the Modeling ofThermodynamic Properties of Dense Multicharged-Ion Plasmas Based on the Chemical-Picture Approach
P29. C. Starrett (CEA, DAM) A Banded Average Atom Model For Atoms in Plasmas

Poster List – continued

P30. U. Feldman (Artep Inc.) A HighResolution Transmission Crystal Spectrometer for Analyzing the Properties ofEP-Generated MeV Electrons
P31. I. Hall (UNR) Photoionised plasma experiments at Z
P32. V. Kantsyrev (UNR) Overview of experimental spectroscopic studies of compact multi-planar and cylindrical wire arrays plasmas on 1.4 MA UNRZ-pinch generator
P33. N. Kuglanda (UCLA) Fast Electron Transport in High Density Ar Gas Jets Diagnosed with Kα X-ray Imaging
P34. I. Shrestha (UNR) Study of electron beams in wire array Z-pinchplasmas at 1.4 MA Zebra generator
P35. L. Shchebelina (Ioffe Physical Technical Institute) The Optimization Of Time Of Flight Of Charged Particles In Some Devices With Harmonic Fields Created By Grids
P36. R. Tommasini (LLNL) HardX-Rays Backlighters for Inertial Confinement Fusion
P37. Z. Henis (Soreq Research Center) Line Spectroscopy with Spatial Resolution of Laser Produced Samarium Plasma
P38. J. Filevich (Colorado State) Shocks Formed by the Collision of Plasmas in Laser-Irradiated Cylindrical Cavities
P39. S. Glenzer (LLNL) Dense Plasma X-ray Thomson Scattering
P40. J. Colvin (LLNL) A Computational Study of X-ray Emissions from Laser-Irradiated Ge-doped Foams
P41. R. Florido (UNR) Spectroscopicanalysis of OMEGA direct-drive high- and low-adiabatimplosions
P42. R. London (LLNL) Design and Analysis of an Experiment to Measurethe non-LTE Emissivity of High-Z Plasma
P43. J.MacFarlane (Prism Computational Sciences) Simulation of Kα/ Kβ Spectral Emissionin Short-Pulse Laser Experiments
P44. M. Patel (LLNL) Detailed NLTE Atomic Kinetics in HYDRA
P45. T. Nagayama (UNR) Three-dimensional analysis of spectrally-resolved core image data from OMEGA direct-drive implosions
P46. F. Yilmaz (UNR) Modelingof EUV Mo spectra produced by Z-pinch wire array plasmas
P47. L. Welser-Sherrill (LANL) Inference of ICF Implosion Core Mix using Experimental Data and Theoretical Mix Modeling
P48. Y.-J.Rhee (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) Diagnosis Of Laser Produced Plasma And High Density Plasma Simulation
P49. S. Ferri (Université de Provence, CNRS) Spectral Line Shape Calculations Using Classical Two Component Molecular Dynamics Model
P50. C. Mossé (PIIM, Université de Provence) New Fast Stark-broadened Line Shape Calculation Method
P51. G. Raniszewski (Technical Univ of Lodz) Metal Vapor Influence on Electric Arc Plasma Composition and Temperature
P52. I. Bespamyatnov (Univ of Texas) A new integrated CXRS/BES* system for accuratemeasurement of the impurity density profiles for the AlcatorC-Mod tokamak
P53. J. Rice (MIT) The Ar17+ Lyα2/Lyα1 Ratio in Alcator C-Mod Plasmas
P54. W. Rowan (Univ of Texas) The emission spectrum offast ions in Alcator C-Mod and its application tomeasurement of the fast ion distribution
P55. K. Fujii (Kyoto Univ) Development of a Multi-wavelength-range Highresolution Spectrometer for Hydrogen Emissions and itsApplication to the LHD Edge Plasma
P56. G. Kyrala (LANL) UsingImploding Capsule Shells as an HED Playground