Suzaku 2011 Exploring the X-ray Universe: Suzaku and Beyond

Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
July 20-22, 2011

Final Program


Day 1

Start time   Speaker Title
9:00   R. Petre Welcome
9:10   R. Blandford Opening Comments
Session 1 Chair T. Tsuru  
9:30   A. Simionescu Baryons in the outskirts of the X-ray brightest galaxy cluster
10:00   E. Miller The Outer Limits of Galaxy Clusters: Observations to the Virial Radius with Suzaku, XMM, and Chandra
10:30     Break
Session 2 Chair R. Shelton  
11:15   K. Matsushita Metals in the intracluster medium
11:45   N. Ota Detection of hard X-ray emission from the hottest Abell galaxy cluster A2163 with Suzaku
12:00   J. de Plaa Turbulence measurements in two giant elliptical galaxies
12:15   D. Koutroumpa Charge Exchange in the heliosphere and elsewhere
12:45   N. Kawai Scientific Results from Two Years of MAXI Observations
13:00     Lunch
Session 3 Chair K. Makishima  
14:15   J. Miller Black Hole Binaries
14:45   S. Yamada Wide-band & Intensity-realted spectral analysis of Cygnus X-1 with Suzaku
15:15   M. Nowak Suzaku Observations of 4U 1957+11: The Most Rapidly Spinning Black Hole in the Galaxy?
15:30   A. Bodaghee Suzaku observations of supergiant X-ray binaries
15:45   K. Mukai The X-ray evolution of the symbiotic star V407 Cygni during its 2010 outburst
16:00   Y. Terada First X-ray Detection from a Bow Shock Region of a Runaway Star, BD+43 3654, with Suzaku
16:15     Break
Session 4 Chair J. Miller  
16:45   K. Pottschmidt A Suzaku View of Cyclotron Line Sources and Candidates
17:15   Y. Uchiyama Gamma-ray Loud X-ray Binaries
17:45   T. Enoto Recent Suzaku studies of the X-ray emission from Magnetars
18:15     End of day


Day 2

Start time   Speaker Title
Session 5 Chair H. Tsunemi  
9:00   H. Yamaguchi Recombination X-rays from mixed-morphology SNRs
9:30   S. Park Progenitor Metallicity of Kepler's Supernova
10:00   H. Uchida A breath of fresh air from the old Swan -- A detailed Suzaku study of an evolved SNR, the Cygnus Loop
10:30     Break and Poster Viewing
Session 6 Chair R. Petre  
11:15   K. Mitsuda Status and future of Suzaku
11:45   M. Tsujimoto Status report of the X-ray Imaging Spectrometer
12:00   S. Yamada Status report of the Hard X-ray Detector
12:15   M. Ohno The Six Year Results of Suzaku Wide-band All-sky Monitor
12:45   T. Takahashi The ASTRO-H mission
13:15     Lunch and Poster Viewing
Session 7 Chair M. Urry  
14:30   D. Takei X-ray Studies of Classical Novae
14:40   T. Nakano Attempts toward Understanding the Formation of Magnetars
14:50   S. Torii The Suzaku View of Cyg X-1 over the Two Spectral States
15:00   K. Saitou A multi-wavelength study of the first gamma-ray emitting LMXB XSS J12270-4859
15:10   E. Rivers A Suzaku Observation of MCG-2-58-22: Constraining the Geometry of the Circumnuclear Material
15:20   I. Mitsuishi Suzaku/XMM/Chandra study of Fe K line complex in the nuclear region of NGC253
15:30   A. Lohfink Systematic Errors on Black Hole Spin
15:40   A. Marinucci The unique Suzaku discovery of variability in the Compton-thick absorber in NGC4945
15:50   Y. Su Suzaku observations of the X-ray brightest fossil group ESO 3060170
16:00     Break and Poster Viewing
Session 8 Chair G. Madejski  
16:45   T. Tanaka X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Studies of Particle Acceleration in Supernova Remnants
17:15   L. Stawarz Multi-wavelength studies of Blazars
17:45     End of day
18:30     Conference party


Day 3

Start time   Speaker Title
Session 9 Chair T. Takahashi  
9:00   C. Reynolds X-ray reflection probes of relativistic astrophysics in AGN
9:30   J. Turner X-ray Signatures of Circumnuclear gas in AGN
10:00   L. Brenneman Suzaku's View of Inner Disk Eclipses in NGC 1365
10:15   F. Tombesi New insights on the accretion disk-winds connection in radio-loud AGNs from Suzaku
10:30   N. Isobe Evolution of the jet energetics revealed with the Suzaku observations of giant radio galaxies
10:45     Break and Poster Viewing
Session 10 Chair H. Kunieda  
11:30   L. Winter Uncovering Local Absorbed AGN with Swift and Suzaku
12:00   D. Evans The Sudden Death of the Nearest Quasar
12:30   E. Triester Heavily-Obscured Growing Supermassive Black Holes in ULIRGs
13:00     Lunch and Poster Viewing
Session 11 Chair K. Mitsuda  
14:15   T. Tsuru Suzaku Observation of the Galactic Center Region
14:45   M. Nobukawa Suzaku Study of X-ray Emission from the Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Center
15:15   T. Yuasa Suzaku Studies of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables and the Galactic Ridge X-ray Emission
15:45   T. Hayashi Suzaku observation of the eclipsing intermediate polar EX Hydrae
16:00     Break
Session 12 Chair L. Angelini  
16:30   H. Murayama (tentative) Bob in the Late Universe Darkness
17:15   P. Di Nezza ALICE in the Early Universe Wonderland
18:00     End of conference